Sunday, January 28, 2007

I can now die happy

I met Stephanie Pearl-McPhee! She was at the Madrona Fiber Fest. Karen and I drove down there last night and hit the market and got our books signed. We also met this really nice gal in line and had a great time talking to her but Karen has her blog address. I will have to post it later. Stephanie was so cool and nice and really took her time talking to each and every fan that was in line. Very cool.

Of course I spent money and bought some yarn! So much for that resolution. Oh well.

First I joined Knitters Anonymous. Funny Funny Ladies. Everyone in this area should join. Fist 2000 members get a lifetime membership which includes 10% off a selection of shops.

I got some STR yarn from Blue Moon! Finally. I have heard people raving about this yarn for a while and they were there with LOTS of really pretty stuff and I bought the lightweight Farmhouse colorway. I also got this pattern to go with my yarn.

And I was a very good girl and didn't spend too much money and aside from buying a book for Stephanie to sign I bought a skein of yarn from Fancy Image Yarn. This gal also has a yarn of the month club. Very tempting. I also like the couger and seahawks colorway.

Ok and I don't know if you can all tell from the bad angle of this picture but I have been loosing weight. I have actually only lost 5 pounds so far but I have lost about an inch everywhere. It is pretty nice.

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Sachi said...

Wooohooo!!!! That's a fantastic pic!

Yeah, I gave her the stitch markers but I did it earlier in the day. Like 10 or so in the morning. I didn't pass out. I didn't spit on her while talking to her. I'm good. ;-)