Thursday, February 08, 2007

Screw This

I can't do it. There! I am just too addicted to buying yarn. Why is that? I guess it is better than smoking or doing crack right? At least my loved ones get wonderful hand knit items from my addiction.

Lately I have been trying to process exactly what it is that I am addicted to. Is it the actual knitting? If it was wouldn't I be cranking out more finished projects instead of just buying more and more and more yarn?

I think what I am addicted to more is my imagination. When I go into a yarn store and pick up different skeins of yarn, pick them up..... then my brain starts to process "what could I make with this". I think that is what I am addicted to. The ideas. Oh and color. Maybe it is the designer in me.

So last night I took my first tatting class ever. MAN! is it confusing at first then all of a sudden you just get it. I finally got it at the end of class then went home and practiced some more. Oh and I bought the following......

two of these and one of these for heels and toes in 8972 (olive)
this in color 107 and this to go with it for the heels and toes in color 1077.
And two of these in color 6 which I have been lusting after for about a year.

Notice I have taken the Knit from your stash link down from the sidebar.

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trinjoy said...

Sometimes what seems a great idea logically just isn't great for you, so go yarn-buying sans guilt. Your knitting recipients will surely be pleased. Nice colors, by the way!