Sunday, February 11, 2007

Thank you Nickelodeon

Ok first yes I know that the television set should not be used as a baby sitter but because of spongebob I am actually able to get an hours worth of cleaning in and yes I take advantage of that. Especially since my husband and myself both work full time outside of the home and do a co-op babysitting swap the majority of our weekdays and nights are spent working or entertaining chidren. Thus my housecleaning is put off until the weekend.

I have gotten a lot of knitting done this weekend

I actually finished this sock since I took the picture. It is Thuja from Knitty made from ArtYarns Super merino. LOVE IT! With a contrasting sport weight yarn doubled up for the toes and heels. I cast on for this sock Friday evening and knit most of it yesterday and yesterday evening. My husband and I went on a date (in keeping with our resolution to work on the love in our marriage) and we went to a really cool bar in West Seattle first, Talarico's. I really liked the atmosphere we sat right at the giant bar and the pizza is really really good!. I actually got some knitting done while we were there after we ate. Drinking some beer with Paul and watching ESPN while knitting. LOVED IT! I also love that smoking is prohibited indoors up here now otherwise I would NOT be knitting in a bar.

After we ate we were going to hit the Rocksport but Paul didn't want to pay the cover so we went to the local dive McMurphy's Irish Pub. This place is a GREAT dive. Lots of friendly regulars. There was a birthday party there so it was a little busy but always an open pool table. I almost beat PAUL!!!! Then he got smoked by a regular twice so we went to get the kiddo's and went home. I had a great time. Anywhooo! I got a lot more sock knitting done at McMurphey's while Paul was playing pool and I just BSed with the regulars while doing so.

I also have two hats that are finished up and just waiting to have the ends weaved in and a good washing and blocking.

And to end the post for the day I found Jake entertaining himself on the magnadoodle friday morning as I was getting ready for work.


pseudobunny said...

oh man
what a cute photo
its that look that osky gives me when i see him sticking his hands in the dog waterbowl
busted having too much fun!

diana said...

Nick Jr saves my life. And vI love that sock!