Tuesday, March 20, 2007

#3 Sirdar Tiny Tots Jacket

This has got to be THE most perfect gift ever. I think Mr. Trout and his parents are going to love this one.

Hood detail.

Detail of cable arms.

I modified this pattern by adding a zipper instead of a button band and I also hand sewed a flannel backed cotton onto the inside. I think it really finishes off this jacket nicely.

And of course a cute sick baby picture. Poor Jake couldn't keep anything down yesterday. Riley has an ear infection (first one of her life thankfully), and I thought I had pnemonia but went to the Dr today and it is just a bad viral infection so hopefully the medication will make me feel better quickly.

Yesterday in a bit of alertness I tried to organize some of my yarn and I realized that I have WAY TO MUCH! Ok yes I give too much! I even ran across some that I had forgotten I bought. Is that bad? I also have a whole basket of WIPs that really need to be finished. I will have to post pictures of those later. Now a comfy couch with Riley and Wallace and Gromit are calling my name.

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kim said...

How did you do the lining? Did the sweater come with a pattern, or did you just use the already-created body pieces.

That is such a great idea, and it looks so good!