Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I decided!

First thank you to my count em...6 readers! who posted ideas. I really like the shawlette/scarf/caplet idea. So I chose

da da da da!!!!!!

Tzarina Wrap

I know not lacey or too extravagant but I think this will suit my grandmother so well. Of course there is no way I am going to use the same yarn ($200 are you kidding me! I love my grandmother but that more than breaks the budget). So now I am on the hunt for the perfect yarn. So readers! More fun for you.... yarn ideas for this project?

I had a minor freak out moment today when I realized that my grandmother does not do her own laundry and that I might need to find a machine wash yarn. However, after a phone conversation with my mom she assured me that she gives VERY specific instructions to the person that does her laundry and she is very finicky as far as fiber content and if it is hand wash she will like that more and be sure to tell her person that note if it ever needs to be washed. WHEW!

Also I am on the hunt for the perfect pin for this wrap when it is finished. My grandmother loves all things Chinese and has a lot of themed decorations around her house, Chests, Buddahs, Chinese writing, etc. And when I say pin I don't really mean a pin with a clasp. Just something she can move in and out of the stitches to hold the wrap in place.

Ok off to the gym more later....done seaming Mr. Trout's sweater and I am sewing in the zipper tonight and I will hopefully get to the lining.


Sachi said...

Oh, yes! That's just the right thing!

kim said...

Very pretty!

pseudobunny said...

oh she is going to love it!!