Friday, March 09, 2007

Oh my gosh she knits!

Yes I have been knitting....slowly. Work has been very busy with the new company so when I come home I am usually too exhausted to knit and I just want to cuddle with the kiddos.

What you see above is the progress of Mr. Trout's sweater. This was actually started last summer and I had it pretty much finished except for seaming after he was born and it was toooooo small. So I found this Sirdar pattern and tried again. Of course I ran out of yarn and remembered that a friend had used this exact yarn to knit a sweater for her son and she gave me her leftovers and of course as knitting would have it I used all that up as well and needed more and the angel Karen had seen one skein at Pacific Fabrics and picked it up for me.

I am nearing the end of the knitting I just have the hood and the hood border to go. I am making some modifications as you can see below.

Instead of just seaming up the sweater when I am done I decided to line it with cotton, however, I also bought some flannel to go between the cotton and the knitted fabric for a bit of extra warmth. I am also going to sew in a zipper instead of a button band do to the extra bulk that the cotton and the flannel will make.

I am really excited to finish this sweater and present it to Mr. Trout.

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