Saturday, March 03, 2007

What I did today

and will be doing tomorrow.....

These piles are from the beginning of the workday. It isn't even 1/4 of all the wood we have. We are going to be VERY warm next winter.

If you ever split wood spend the money to rent a splitter. I am so glad we are finally doing this. I am getting so sick of people just coming up to my door to ask if they can have wood.

NO! I paid over $800 to cut the damn tree down you can't HAVE the wood. Today when Paul was getting the splitter this guy straight out of the movie Deliverance came right up to the front door! I swear he was going to just walk inside.

"You givin that wood away?" "no" "so you're not giving any away?" "no....bye"

Did I mention I have THE WORST cold. My nose is so stuffed I feel like crap!

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trinjoy said...

your neighbors are a trip! OF COURSE they can't have it! I think I'll come up to your door and ask, "Hey - you giving away that van/lawnmower/kid in your sideyard? I was just wonderin'." :)