Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I did it!

I finally did it! I put my notice in at my job!!!!!!

I am finally going to get out of this hellhole that I have hated since I started here over a year ago. Working here has seriously been THE WORST experience of my entire life. I can't wait to be home FT with my kids. That will be MUCH more rewarding.

As of now it seems that I have officially pissed off ALL of my co-workers and everyone hates me so it will be a fun month!


Sachi said...


Erin said...

Yikes about the co-workers hating you. But you can put up with anything for a month, knowing that you'll be OUT OF THERE!

Karen said...

You've been pinged with "Meme 2: 7 weird things" on my blog. Have fun!