Friday, May 25, 2007

This one instead

I got tagged with a meme I have already done and I would much rather do this one

2 things you compliment your husband on while in his presence:

1. His smokin hot body! We have been working out and he is looking yummy!
2. How he is totally supportive of me staying home now.

2 compliments you give about your husband to others:

1. How good of a cook he is (He does ALL of the cooking voluntarily)
2. How handy he is around the house.

2 Traits you married him for:

1. He has an amazing personality
2. I fell head over heels in love with him right away. I knew he would be a wonderful husband and father. And because my mom approved ;)

2 days you cherished most being together with your husband:

1. The day we were married

2 Material things you would give your husband if you inherited a fortune:

1. A take your minds out of the gutter, I am talking about the vehicle he has always wanted one. 2. A whole garage full of tools.

2 things you would miss most if he left for 2 weeks:

1. HIM! I have NEVER been away from him more than a weekend since we have been together
2. His Laugh

2 things that crossed your mind the first time you met your future husband:

1. I don't remember him being that cute in high school.
2. Bald suits him.

2 favorite dates:

1. St Patty's day this year. We went to our favorite pizza bar then hung out at an irish bar by our house.

2. Is a honeymoon at disneyland a date?

2 funny, odd things you love about your husband:

1. He really isn't "odd" but he is very ticklish
2. I think it is odd that he thinks I am sexy but I like it.

2 places you have lived with your husband:

1. Kent, WA (where we brought our daughter home)
2. Burien, WA (where we bought our first home and where we brought my son home to.)

2 favorite vacations:
1. Honeymoon in Disneyland.
2. Weekends at my parent's lake property

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