Tuesday, June 12, 2007

#7 and #8 more socks

I had a sock bonanza this weekend with my long car ride to and from Yakima this weekend.

First Monkey

I started these way back in December. Made the first one then got some serious second sock syndrome. I really like these socks with this yarn from my hot socks pal and they fit very nicely.

Next Ampersand

These are my first attempt and doing two socks at the same time. The heels were done at one time. MAN do socks go fast this way. I finished these in less than a week. This was a very simple pattern and I would not recommend this technique with a complicated pattern.
These socks are done in the Farmhouse colorway STR lightweight yarn.
These socks are a bit toasty but again very comfortable.

I also finished a third pair of socks that I cast on for a while ago but I am waiting for pictures. I gifted them to my friend right then and there and I forgot to photograph anything.

And lastly cute kid pictures.

Jake and Riley on the way over to Yakima.

Jake crashed out at Miners.


trinjoy said...

he likes the boots, eh? :) One of my favorite kiddo pics is of my daughter at age 3 wearing a tiara, leotard, tutu, thick stripy tights, & her galoshes!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Great socks and great picture of a sleeping boy.