Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The best part about being home

I don't miss stuff like this while I am at work.

Oh and I know I am behind the times on this one but I just put all of my favorite blogs on Bloglines and I am reading them that way. HOW COOL! I LOVE IT!

And one of my favorite bloggers subscribes to my blog! I am still trying to get used to being home. It has been a full week now. Our house needs a total cleaning overhaul and I have a few big web projects I am working on in addition to the other freelance work I have been doing and then having the kids here with me all day. It is more to balance than I thought it would be.

But let me tell you having a clean kitchen and laundry done EVERY DAY is fabulous!

Oh and I am getting knitting done too. I am doing my first "two socks at the same time" project with STR sock yarn that is LOVELY and using the Ampersand pattern.

It was weird to get used to at first and I had a MAJOR tangle problem but I think I do like it for simple patterns like this one. Not having to worry about Second Sock Syndrome is nice.


pseudobunny said...

i need to get on the two socks at a time...did you get a book? are you teaching yourself? tell ALL!!!!
also miss seeing your sweet little thing puking every other hour...guh. one of those days.
i might be able to knit between pukey bits....
gross, but only a mom would think that.

Karen said...

LOVE the cowboy boots! Jake is certainly following his sister in the fashion department. :)