Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eye Candy FO and Urgh!

Seriously you want to read this whole post.

One of my lavender plants out front is blooming! (Eye Candy)

I have a friend who cloth diapers and she is expecting a baby at the end of the summer. I used what was left over from Riley's Quidditch sweater to make this using Curly Purly's pattern. (FO)

Are you ready for the Urgh!?

What the hell is this?

Oh this is me being a freaking idiot! Friday Harbor Socks. I started the first sock using #3 birch DPN's after working the cuff and part of the leg I then switched to my knit picks circs. No problem right? Well...... I cast on the second pair with the circs right after I bound off the first sock. Not thinking anything. There wasn't even my knitter consciounce saying anything. She must have been on vacation. Well you see the result. The second sock is UBER tight at the cuff and I can barely get it over my heel. the legs and feet fit the same just the damn cuff because I am STUPID! The first sock of course is perfect. Time to frog.

AND I HAVE A GREAT POST COMING! Just can't share yet. ALSO watch the mariner game on FSN friday night. We are trying to get on TV. Has anyone been watching? "Hey Blow! How bout some fries?"


Sachi said...


Also, seriously... We've got to come up with a good sign for Blow. ;-)

Quail Hill Knits said...

I know want you mean about the knitterly conscience taking a vacation. I recently completed the entire front of a sweater only to discover that I had crossed a cable the wrong way 40 rows into the pattern after finishing the ribbing. No matter what it was a nightmare to fix. Looking forward to your exciting post.

pseudobunny said...

that diaper cover makes me wanna have another baby so i can be good and use cloth diapers and have cute covers made for me.
is that wrong?
bummer on the socks. i walked into the living room to see oscar pulling the needles out of a pair for clinton..he looked at me as i walked in, looked at the needles, and KEPT PULLING THEM OUT!!! oh! i almost sold him to the gypsies that minute! but alas, they required to be able to knit, not frog.....( i was able to save the socks..but they have some holes. oh well.