Friday, June 22, 2007

Girls Night! and YUM!

Last night Miss Riley and I had girls night. I love love love having a daughter. Don't get me wrong I love having a son too but having a daughter is pretty darn cool.

So Miss Riley and I went down to our local Barnes & Noble. They were having a Harry Potter countdown party to the release of the newest book. Riley got a balloon and an amulet bag which is just the coolest to her. Then we sat and knit for a while and had a drink and shared a brownie.

We also had a great time just walking around the bookstore looking at books. She is a pretty decent shopping companion which could proove to be dangerous.

After that we stopped by to say hi to grandma and came home around 9pm and Riley was crashed out in her seat by the time we got home.

And now for the yum

Tomorrow we are going to a graduation party for a Paul's co-workers daughter. AND! He is related to the Seattle Mariner's chef who is also catering the party. YUM! YUM! YUM! Should be a good time.

Also the Burien Strawberry & Arts Festival is this weekend which we will also be attending on Sunday. This festival gets bigger and better every year and we can walk to it from our house even better.

And because we are not busy enough this weekend Paul is having boys night and us girls are hanging out with the kids and knitting.

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