Monday, June 04, 2007

Hooray for Ikea!

While visiting Ikea on friday we noticed that we would have to pay for plastic bags.


I think that EVERY store should do this and actually charge more than a meager 5 cents per bag. We DID NOT buy any bags for our items. I have a whole plastic bag holder FULL of bags at home thank you very much.

While cruising my blog list while I work this morning I found this here.

All of this is so timely as a friend and I were just discussing waste last week. I was telling her how I went grocery shopping and the teenager who was bagging our groceries had put each of our two milk gallons in a plastic bag (why it has a handle?). I was saying I wish I would have seeen this (corralling toddlers) because I would have mentioned not needing a bag.

Being home and now being on a limited budget has really opened my eyes to how much my family wastes and what I can do to cut down on it.

I see some knit plastic bags in my future.....


Carrie said...

I totally agree! I want to try those knit plastic bags too. So far I've made a string bag, and planning to sew some canvas ones. Now if I can only remember them when I go to the store...

pseudobunny said...

we bought a blue one and use it for recycling now..

trinjoy said...

You might already know this... both PCC & Whole Foods (& probably other places I'm forgetting) give a little discount (5¢) if you bring your own bags, be they sturdy bookbags or plastic grocery bags.

I hadn't heard that IKEA charges, though. Good idea!