Monday, July 16, 2007

BBQ 1 - Jake 0

This actually was NOT a funny event. Actually THE WORST mom moment for me thus far.

The Story:
We went to my parent's house for dinner and birthday cake last night. We were walking around the house and Jake saw my dad sitting on the deck and ran FULL SPEED to him...... well the metal BBQ got in his way and he basically clotheslined himself at eye level.

I screamed....loud and horribly. I think the whole neighborhood heard me. Jake was screaming. At first I was too afraid to look and when I did I saw bits of skin at his eye opening and started flipping out more because I thought it was parts of his eye but thankfully it was just scraped skin from his upper eye.

Thankfully, a nurse lives next door to my mom and she came over when she heard us saying eye this and eye that. We are lucky that he didn't break the skin so no stitches for as hard has he hit. Seriously it is hard for me to write about it. It was very traumatizing for me. Anyhow thankfully just a really ugly black eye no need for stitches and no broken bones. Paul says to take daily pictures of the swelling process. It is actually more swollen since I took this shot.


I should have Tzarina pictures to show in a few days. I just have about 4 more inches of the collar left to knit and with bulky yarn that should not take long. I wove in all the ends that I had last night so my finishing work should be lessened when I am done. Then just a good wash and block and then it shall be modeled for all to see!

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Sachi said...

OMG, poor baby! Both of you!