Monday, July 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Riley!

First Born

One Year Old

Two Years Old
3 Year Old Princess

4 Year Old Princess

I can't believe my first baby is now 4. I know everyone says it goes by so fast but it really does. It is amazing.

We had a nice small party for the kids yesterday (Jake's birthday is on the 15th). Paul got to play his Wii with his brother (yes we got one a week ago and it is so much fun!).

There has been some slow knitting. I just frogged yet another working sock because it wouldn't fit over my instep....again!

I am working on great grandma's birthday gift steadily now. I have about 3 weeks until the party. I am not big on progress pictures so there will be a finished picture hopefully soon.


Sachi said...

Happy Birthday Riley!!!!

Carrie said...

They do grow up fast! Happy Birthday Riley :)

And.. where did you get a Wii??? We've been wanting one forever but they seem to be sold out everywhere!!

kim said...

Happy Birthday Riley!

It's amazing how fast the time flies!

pseudobunny said...

Happy Birthday Riley!
You are really adorable!