Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So I have been working on something special for a fellow blogger. Introducing........

Sachi's Purls

Because I am not ashamed to be a fiber whore I took yarn for payment.....my favorite actually!

Here is the loot. On one hand I can't wait to knit up all of this wonderful handspun goodness then on the other I just want to put them up on a shelf and hug them every once in a while.

2-ply Optim 260 yds. UBER SOFT!
I can't wait to knit this up! I am thinking possibly arm warmers? a neck wrap?

Light Aran Weight 2ply superwash 500 yds total
OH I LOVE THIS! The colors the way it is spun up. I have no clue what this will turn into.

Lace Weight 100% Tussan Silk Handspun and Hand dyed. 630 yds
May I just take a moment here to say Holy.Freaking.Crap! This is amazing. I love it. I have already looked through Victorian Lace Today despite my many other WIPs for inspiration to what this will be.

Aran Weight Handspun 3 ply Silknoil Wool Mohair mix. 180 yds.
This will have to be something cozy for winter. Again love the colors!

Oh and I got a set of these. I got this package last week and I have been DYING! to post. Here is a confession. I actually got misty eyed when I opened it and started going through the loot. Maybe I have a minor fiber problem?


Sachi said...

LOL! I think we all cry a little when we're rewarded for a job well done. *grin*

pseudobunny said...

mean lady posting yarn porn....