Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another Dye Day

Or dye evening actually. My husband picked up a part-time job in the evenings so with the kids busy enjoying the evening playing outside I spent a few hours last night dying my latest shipment from Matahari Spinnery. I am not sure how I got on their email list but a short while ago I received an email about a sale and bought up 2 pounds of super wash merino for sock yarn to dye for the shop.

Since perusing through my new book I have been looking through my yard to find new plants to dye with. HYDRANGEA! Of course! Why not right? My favorite flower, beautiful blooms, the dye has to come out some amazing color right.....not.....

Here are the flowers after being soaked and cooked down. Ewwwww right....oh and it smells! I could have just stopped here but no I am too stubborn for that I persisted on. Here is the dye bath after being strained. Again...ewwwww. Again I could have stopped but went on. Here is the yarn that came from that dying experiment after I decided to add some pink thanks to the stash of powder dyes that I have. The initial color that came from the flowers as you can see is a very light army green color. After adding some pink I do see hydrangea in this yarn the more I look at it and thus the more I like it.

I came to a realization after this experiment yesterday and after looking through my book some more that pretty much most items in my yard are going to produce a green hue as a result. Makes total sense unless you use berries. DUR! Sometimes I am a bit slow.

So after that attempt I decided to just have a whole dye evening and I guess I was in a purple mood judging from the results.

Sachi asked me yesterday if I feel like a mad scientist when I am doing this and yes I do. I don't do dying exactly as is outlined in any books (aside from treating the yarn so it takes the dye) I use them as a guide and I pretty much just throw in what I want. Some of this might be over dyed who knows. I was thinking after looking at all of these spring colors that maybe I should have been thinking fall since these are destined for the shop. Also I know that dyed yarn always changes in look from how it is on the hank here to when I wind it up in skeins using my very handy PVC niddy noddy thank to the handy hubby. Then again it will change when it is wound on a ball and knit up.

I wish I did have more yarn to dye now. I think I still have some from ages ago that I can over dye. I am thinking something with greens, browns, and some deep yellow for fall, maybe only because it is foggy here.

I realize I haven't really put up any tutorials on how I went through my process of using the lichen and the hydrangea to dye yarn. I figure there are so many tutorials on the web already to do with dying yarn why add another. If you are really interested in using plants and vegetation to dye your yarn just check out Craft of the Dyer (the book I am using) from your local library or actually just buy it. It is definitely a home library need for the dyer in my own personal opinion.

Well I suppose now I should get some real work done.


Sachi said...

Heehee! You're having so much fun!

Quail Hill Knits said...

Very interesting and informative.