Thursday, October 25, 2007

Taaaaa Daaaaaa

See I have been knitting. I finished project! AND!!!!!! From start to finish done in less than a week. I started it last saturday and JUST finished it.

This sweater is being given to my cousin. Her shower is this Saturday, she is having a boy.

Ok brag time.....I am so incredibly impressed with myself. The knitting,

the time it took me to finish, the fact that I was determined enough to NOT pick up another project until this one was finished!

I also found some great antique buttons from my stash that just complete this sweater perfectly.

And the long awaited Trellis

This set got the most amazing reception at the shower it was given at. I was almost brought to tears actually. I think it was then I finally realized that I am a very very very good knitter. Until now I think I was being too modest but if you are really excelling at a craft you should really embrace that and be proud of the fact that you have mastered something.

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kim said...

Yay! Those sweaters are gorgeous! And the fact that you did the cabled one in one week is amazing! (Since I still have sweaters lingering since 2004 still not finished).

It's so nice when you give a handmade gift to someone who appreciates it. It makes the time and energy spent creating it even more worthwhile.