Sunday, November 18, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sick Kids

I have two sick kids :( The usual winter cold. FUN FUN FUN!

In other news Riley had an MRI of her urinary system this week. That was a bit rough on us parents. We were at Children's Hospital here in Seattle and they put kids under general anesthesia for MRI's to keep them perfectly still and basically so they don't freak out in the machine. That is fine with me but it was still nerve wracking. I didn't like watching my kid fall asleep so fast with the gas and then when they brough her back to the room she was breathing so shallow that she honestly looked dead. I did not like that at all. And she still had this tube in her mouth to keep her tounge down. ICK!

It does look like surgery to fix the blockage in her uriter is inevitable. I will know more next week when I hear from her doctor. But mentally I am trying to prepare myself. It has been 4 years of monitoring this porblem and for some reason in the past 9 months her reflux is totally gone which is great but the blockage is worse. Part of me does NOT want my child to have surgery but the other part just wants it to be all over with. I hate going to these update appointments always wondering what we are going to see this time.

Sorry no knitting pictures. I have really just been trying to get ready for a few bazaars I am going to sell at in December. So no fun knitting at all. Ok scratch that I am knitting for bazaars and all knitting is fun I am just having to put my personal projects on hold right now.

That being said I haven't decided yet if I am even doing any knit gifts this christmas. I really should have started this all in september. I was thinking my neice and nephew will get knit hats those are easy enough and I can most likely finish those in a week. Other than that I am really not sure at all. I have given knit projects to everyone the past few years and I think I have run out of ideas and now time. New ideas I think for sure. I am really thinking if I have any leftover bazaar projects those will be christmas gifts. Of course no pictures either. Our camera is so crappy and broken and screwed. The flash is now broken so I need a TON of natural light for any decent picture because the flash is now broken. That will be my christmas present for sure a new camera.

Well that is about it for the update. More later.