Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Year in Review

When you do all the knitting you think it would be more and actually it was. I never took pictures of the three sweaters I made for bazaars and sold 2 actually. I also have two pairs of socks I made for myself I haven't photographed either and one more doily I made for my brother's girlfriend for christmas.

I am proud of myself though. I think I pushed myself and excelled at knitting this year. This was the year of fair isle and cables for sure.

Now for resolutions. I resolve to not have any this year! I never keep them, so why bother right! Last year I was going to loose 80 lbs by this time. That didn't happen I don't think I lost any weight actually I did loose 10 pounds right before thanksgiving and I haven't put that weight back on through the holidays so that makes me happy. I am however stronger, I can play more with my kids before I get tired and I am more muscular so that is a fair trade.

So what is in store for next year? I think this next year will be the year of lace. I have already cast on for the shallowtail shawl and having fun with that. I have a fair amount of lace yarn to play with so it should be fun. I am also going to attempt to trudge through my WIP pile. We'll see how that goes with me being a cast on slut.

Well over and out for 2007 hello 2008!

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Carrie said...

Cast on slut! Ha! Love it.