Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eye Candy FO and Urgh!

Seriously you want to read this whole post.

One of my lavender plants out front is blooming! (Eye Candy)

I have a friend who cloth diapers and she is expecting a baby at the end of the summer. I used what was left over from Riley's Quidditch sweater to make this using Curly Purly's pattern. (FO)

Are you ready for the Urgh!?

What the hell is this?

Oh this is me being a freaking idiot! Friday Harbor Socks. I started the first sock using #3 birch DPN's after working the cuff and part of the leg I then switched to my knit picks circs. No problem right? Well...... I cast on the second pair with the circs right after I bound off the first sock. Not thinking anything. There wasn't even my knitter consciounce saying anything. She must have been on vacation. Well you see the result. The second sock is UBER tight at the cuff and I can barely get it over my heel. the legs and feet fit the same just the damn cuff because I am STUPID! The first sock of course is perfect. Time to frog.

AND I HAVE A GREAT POST COMING! Just can't share yet. ALSO watch the mariner game on FSN friday night. We are trying to get on TV. Has anyone been watching? "Hey Blow! How bout some fries?"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Girls Night! and YUM!

Last night Miss Riley and I had girls night. I love love love having a daughter. Don't get me wrong I love having a son too but having a daughter is pretty darn cool.

So Miss Riley and I went down to our local Barnes & Noble. They were having a Harry Potter countdown party to the release of the newest book. Riley got a balloon and an amulet bag which is just the coolest to her. Then we sat and knit for a while and had a drink and shared a brownie.

We also had a great time just walking around the bookstore looking at books. She is a pretty decent shopping companion which could proove to be dangerous.

After that we stopped by to say hi to grandma and came home around 9pm and Riley was crashed out in her seat by the time we got home.

And now for the yum

Tomorrow we are going to a graduation party for a Paul's co-workers daughter. AND! He is related to the Seattle Mariner's chef who is also catering the party. YUM! YUM! YUM! Should be a good time.

Also the Burien Strawberry & Arts Festival is this weekend which we will also be attending on Sunday. This festival gets bigger and better every year and we can walk to it from our house even better.

And because we are not busy enough this weekend Paul is having boys night and us girls are hanging out with the kids and knitting.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

#7 and #8 more socks

I had a sock bonanza this weekend with my long car ride to and from Yakima this weekend.

First Monkey

I started these way back in December. Made the first one then got some serious second sock syndrome. I really like these socks with this yarn from my hot socks pal and they fit very nicely.

Next Ampersand

These are my first attempt and doing two socks at the same time. The heels were done at one time. MAN do socks go fast this way. I finished these in less than a week. This was a very simple pattern and I would not recommend this technique with a complicated pattern.
These socks are done in the Farmhouse colorway STR lightweight yarn.
These socks are a bit toasty but again very comfortable.

I also finished a third pair of socks that I cast on for a while ago but I am waiting for pictures. I gifted them to my friend right then and there and I forgot to photograph anything.

And lastly cute kid pictures.

Jake and Riley on the way over to Yakima.

Jake crashed out at Miners.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The best part about being home

I don't miss stuff like this while I am at work.

Oh and I know I am behind the times on this one but I just put all of my favorite blogs on Bloglines and I am reading them that way. HOW COOL! I LOVE IT!

And one of my favorite bloggers subscribes to my blog! I am still trying to get used to being home. It has been a full week now. Our house needs a total cleaning overhaul and I have a few big web projects I am working on in addition to the other freelance work I have been doing and then having the kids here with me all day. It is more to balance than I thought it would be.

But let me tell you having a clean kitchen and laundry done EVERY DAY is fabulous!

Oh and I am getting knitting done too. I am doing my first "two socks at the same time" project with STR sock yarn that is LOVELY and using the Ampersand pattern.

It was weird to get used to at first and I had a MAJOR tangle problem but I think I do like it for simple patterns like this one. Not having to worry about Second Sock Syndrome is nice.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Hooray for Ikea!

While visiting Ikea on friday we noticed that we would have to pay for plastic bags.


I think that EVERY store should do this and actually charge more than a meager 5 cents per bag. We DID NOT buy any bags for our items. I have a whole plastic bag holder FULL of bags at home thank you very much.

While cruising my blog list while I work this morning I found this here.

All of this is so timely as a friend and I were just discussing waste last week. I was telling her how I went grocery shopping and the teenager who was bagging our groceries had put each of our two milk gallons in a plastic bag (why it has a handle?). I was saying I wish I would have seeen this (corralling toddlers) because I would have mentioned not needing a bag.

Being home and now being on a limited budget has really opened my eyes to how much my family wastes and what I can do to cut down on it.

I see some knit plastic bags in my future.....