Friday, March 28, 2008

More Snow!

Seriously this is so unlike Seattle. I am amazed and irritated. After a few sunny days I was really looking forward to nicer weather and spring and summer in the northwest and instead we are having a midwest spring today.

Of course the kids wanted to play with the bubbles they got for easter. I told Riley this morning that if the snow covered the ground that she could go outside and play in it. Of course I didn't think at all that the snow would even cover the ground!


Carrie said...

We got some today too! In flippin' downtown! Whaaaa?? My son wanted to play but it wasn't sticking to the ground. Poor kid was running around with his tongue sticking out :)

Pam Radmacher said...

Love the pictures!!! it sure looks like they were enjoying themselves. Even if it only lasted a little while!!!

Oh yeah and you've been TAGGED!!! Read my blog!!

Love ya!!!