Monday, March 17, 2008

New Camera!

I really peeved Paul with this one. But look how cute Riley is! I will be playing with the new toy throughout the week. (don't look at my horribly messy house in the background please!)

In knitting news I finally started Mariah! After years of coveting this sweater I casted on. I got a great deal on Numero Uno Tweed from Little Knits so it justified finally making it for myself. I chose the burnt orange colorway. Paul says it isn't his favorite color but a few other people have told me it will look nice with my coloring. I agree.

Since I have the new camera I think I will take pictures and do a WIP list so you all can see what a cast on slut I really am.


Pam said...

You Rebel, YOU!!! LOL

Have fun with your new toy....:)

Carrie said...

I love pictures that make me feel less bad about my own cast on habits :)

And I should NOT have clicked on that Little Knits link. Holy moly. I've been meaning to visit that store. I'm hacing to suppress the urge to buy a bag myself! I personally love that color :)