Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Snow.Seattle.March! It will be gone in a few hours I am sure but still....odd.

In other news my mac is definitely dead now. Yes the mac I use to run my business. WONDER-FUCKING-FULL! And I know this sounds weird but we aren't in the position or every have been the type of people that just have a few thousand extra dollars laying around so it wasn't like I could just go to the store and buy a new one. Would have been nice. Finance you say? So far it looks like I suck but we are waiting to hear back from one more place online that my husband uses through his work a lot.

In the meantime I absolutely can't help my customers which sucks! And it is looking like it will be AT LEAST a month until I have a new computer. I hope they are all still around then. I know bad business! It is completely embarrassing but what do you do?


Riley cheesing it up for the camera.

I love taking Jakie sleep pictures because he always is super cute with his hands. Usually they are both behind his head.

Riley modeling a mistake rib scarf I did out of chunky black baby alpaca. Yeah you can't really tell what stitch it is but she is cute and the scarf is warm and comfy.

Riley modeling her goggles from the easter bunny. What? Oh the picture is sideways? Yeah I would normally fix that but my freaking mac broke! and it has all my photo editing software on it!

Oh right this IS a knitting blog right? Not so much anymore but here is your knitting content. This is a finished sleeve to Mariah. Love the yarn Love the pattern! Can't wait for my comfy sweater.

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Carrie said...

So that's where the snow was! My mom called today from the east coast and asked if it was snowing, which I thought was odd since, looking out the window, it wasn't.

And that orange is driving me bananas. That is utterly gorgeous. And a pattern that's been in my queue for ages. I sort of hope the shop sells out of that yarn soon else I shall succumb.