Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Always Tie Your Shoes!

My husband is ALWAYS telling me to tie my shoes and now I am going to listen to him.

I triped out my back door yesterday on my way out to do some yardwork and I missed both of our back steps and landed on my right toe and rolled over my ankle before crashing to the ground. Smart huh? So after spending a whole day in the ER the verdict is that I chipped a piece of bone off near my ankle. However, the doctor said it is close enough to everything else that it should meld back on and if it doesn't it is small enough that it should not bother anything else. Can I just say OUCH! It freaking hurts.

This is also the same ankle that I severely sprained when I was 12 jumping on a trampoline with my cousin and then had surgery on when I was 16 to take a bone chip out of and now this. I think it now hates me.

Here is a picture of my tennis ball ankle.

So remember to always make sure your shoes are tied!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Picture Laden Post

Spring is here in Seattle once again. It has my mood lifted and my camera out. Some of these pictures are from the dog park last week when we had a bit of ok weather too.

My cherry tree is blooming. Hopefully we get some cherries this year.

Here is the first honeysuckle bud. I love honeysuckle. In the summer all I want to do is sit under the cherry tree in front of the honeysuckle with some knitting and watch my kids run around and be children in our back yard.

I did get a fair amount of knitting done this weekend. Mariah's back wanted to hang out in the cherry tree. I have 3 or 4 more inches to go on the back. I want to make my sweater longer than the pattern. I don't like having my tops end right at my pant line.

Jake and his always squinting eyes when he looks up at me for a smile.

Here is Riley today. Wearing my old dress from when I was little. It is one of her favorites. I believe I wore this one in three Santa pictures and for First Communion.

We had a good time at the dog park last week. The kids and I went a few times by ourselves and a few times with daddy.

Bob. I love my dog bob. He is looking so much older now. His face keeps getting more grey.

I took this one a while ago. I need to have it framed. This is his most favorite spot in our house.

And then there is Hermione. She is such an intense dog. You can just tell by looking into her eyes. A wonderful dog for our family and the kids and keeps bob on his toes. She is also very much a momma's girl too. I can't pet Bob anymore without her nosing her way onto my lap.

Well there you have it. As you can tell I have been having a fun time playing around with Photoshop. Thanks to Pioneer woman. Oh if you haven't already PLEASE go read her love story. I think there are 32 installments but they are SO GOOD! I think she has successfully made women across America fall for her Marlboro Man husband.

Well off for now. I have a fun day of cleaning and laundry to do.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shop Update

I just reposted some older expired items (stitch markers and some hand dyed yarns). I also added some hand knit baby items.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To the drunk girl on saturday

Thanks for telling me I was so pretty and you loved my hair...even though you were totally wasted ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finished Baby Projects

Ok so here is what I have. So the dillemma now is that I found out she really wants to get into cloth diapering and my brother's girlfriend thought that would be a better way to go. I did buy a lot of yarn for baby projects but with ALL the yarn I got my total was near $40 which is AWESOME! I like to hunt the sales fo sho! So all the sweater stuff I got I am not sure if I am going to make it and give it to her. I think I will still make the allotted projects and then just stash them for later because bro's girl and I are going in halfsies on a month of diaper service and I am doing some soakers and some snappi's and that is a decent gift right? Oh and newborn baby cashmerino hats.

Vestee Cute pattern very quick knit for an experienced knitter. I like the way it turned out. I don't think I would like this pattern with the hood or short sleeves though. I like the long sleeve/collar look.
I don't think I am going to include this in the gift package. I think I will stash this one.

Baby Cashmerino Ribbed Baby Hat. Very cute and super quick pattern. I did this yesterday.

Curly Purly Soaker. I like how this one turned out with the verigated yarn I had in my stash. I have a dark rusty orange and a forest green cascade 220 that I think I am also going to knit up in a smaller size as well.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice Day!

Oh my gosh! What do my eyes see? Could this possibly be spring in Seattle now?

The kids and I had a great day. I didn't babysit today so we hung out in the morning then met Paul at work to have lunch (dogs in tow). After lunch we went to the Westcrest dog park in white center and hung out there for quite a while.

I was VERY nervous as to how Hermione was going to handle herself. Bob is a totally normal well adjusted social dog at parks but I had no clue how Hermione was going to act. In our yard she barks at Bob and herds him all around the back yard by nipping at his hind legs. She doesn't herd the humans anymore which is good but I was so nervous as to what kind of a pack dog she would be. When we got there I immediately let Bob go off and he is good but she stayed on the leash and was not happy. I sat down with her for a bit and she was upset and of course dogs come up to see what is wrong and she was trying to nip at them which was embarrassing for me. Thankfully there was a very nice dog owner standing nearby and I told her I was worried and why and she just said well let her go and just see what happens. And you know what? Hermione was great! All she wanted to do was just chase around her buddy Bob and hang out with the kids and make sure they were ok. Especially Riley for some reason she would run away and play then come right back to Riley. She even came to me when I called her. Bob on the other hand did not he is too obsessed with tennis balls and I can imagine "dee dee dee" is all that is going on in his mind.

So Jake peed his pants and was acting really cranky so we headed out and the dogs were bushed. We came home played in the back yard for a bit then went inside to watch the new Spongebob special and I took a nap. Now time for chili dog dinner!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I am tired this week. I have taken on watching my cousin's 3 month old baby. I forgot how it is having a newborn and Jake is only going to be 3 this summer. I forget though that he was such an EASY baby. He was always content all the time. Riley on the other hand needed a lot of interaction and holding which RJ is like. Don't get me wrong I LOVE HIM. He is THE CUTEST baby and really happy when he is being loved. I just got in the groove of having a child and an older toddler which is soooo easy.

Before this I had always wanted 3 children for some reason I don't know. My husband is done...boy and a girl he is happy. I told him after these past two weeks I think I am done. I feel bad for Jake he is really missing mommy. He isn't the baby when the baby is here. Poor Kiddo. Riley is cool though. She loves being the little helper and doing things for me.

Also I took on watching two children on Mondays and Fridays. I have had them twice and actually I am already done. I have NEVER in my life watched children that were so misbehaved and disrespectful. They actually made me cry on monday. In all my life of babysitting since I was 12 and I am now almost 30 I have NEVER cried while babysitting other people's children. The young girl who by the way is only 6 told my daughter she was going to "kick her ass".....what 6 year old says that!

I do feel bad skipping out after only 2 days of watching them but mentally I cannot handle it. I was repetedly told no and I can totally tell they really need stability but I can't be the person to give it to them. I just can't. I am not the person who normally quits anything but I just cannot do this. I also have to break through and call their mother today and tell her beyond this friday I can't watch her children anymore without saying they are the worst kids ever. Plus 5 kids and trying to work from home with one of them being an infant is just too much and I should have recognized that before I said yes. Although the fact that she pays $50 cash when she drops them off every day was appealing.

Ok enough rambling. I feel like shit because of it but my mental health and my children's health come first and these kids are not a good influence on my children. The past two days my children have been so misbehaved. Not listening, talking back, and saying no. These are NOT my children.

No knitting to show. I am still working on Vestee so I haven't even been able to break into the stash of yarn I bought on Saturday. OH OH OH! Little Knits is having a GREAT sale on Crystal Palace Creme. I bought a bag of the raspberry color and I am going to make a shrug out of it. I absolutely cannot freaking wait. I will definitely post about the progress.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


I made a great purchase while at Little Knits today. I have everything I need to make great baby gifts for my friend's baby due in June.

Oh and I met a blog friend in person today. Hi Carrie! NOTE: I did not color correct the photos to match the true colors. The blue is not so in your face blue and the orange is more tangerine. And the DB colors are much lighter than are shown.

Mondial Merino Plus for the Garter Stitch Cardigan from Knitting For Baby (ravelry link) I am making the 6 month size. I figure the color combo will be good for the Christmas season.

The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran is for baby hats. I was initially thinking newborn hats but then it was brought to my attention that I could knit a 6 month size pumpkin hat out of the dark green and orange. GREAT IDEA! and I will be doing that. Then with the slate color I will do a small newborn hat. I am thinking this pattern.

And lastly but definitely not least is the SUPER deal on Rowan Cotton Rope for Cargo (in orange)and the blue and orange for the Mossy Jacket. The thought was they would look cute together and then I can buy a cute onsie to go with and I think I might have enough yarn left over for a hat.....maybe.

Ok now the trick is finishing this all before the shower in May. I think I can do it. Mariah is feeling left out at the moment but she has to just sit and watch me marathon knit for this special guy.

Friday, April 04, 2008

BABIES! Gotta Knit for Babies!

Ok so Mariah is sadly on hold for a spell. Babies are coming! My brother's girlfriends best friend is expecting a baby and her man I have known since he was 5. He is actually my brother's good friend. Cute huh?

Sooooo they are having a boy and of course I MUST knit something for them. Here is what I have going on now.....
Vestee - No hood with long sleeves

I am also thinking, since I hear the shower is in May, that I have time to knit up a hat with earflaps and a few pairs of socks and I just LOVE the Contrast Edge Slippers. They are so fast and cute and not to mention a great stash buster!

I am going to see what Little Knits has in store for me tomorrow and maybe make a few "small" purchases. I also thought it would be cute to make Cargo for him as well. I made a pair for Jake when he was a baby as a soaker but I am thinking a soft cotton would be nice for them.

Ok off to knit for babies!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

It Came!

My new computer came today and I am up and running! All is not lost.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Country Living

Rachel turned me onto this blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

This is interesting because just yesterday at a mother's group that I attend at my church one of my friends came to talk about local farming and keeping local farms alive and how to support local agriculture.

This has gotten me fired up to really have a great garden this year or in the very very least buy our produce from local organic growers. There is an outstanding local farmers market a few miles away in West Seattle. I guess it runs year round which is amazing! That way you get in season goods. And from what Kim says the vegetables are so fresh they were picked the morning of. Doesn't that sound so delicious?

Also have you heard of THIS! The article is old but the rule has passed so now Smith Brothers farm is now required to sell their milk and then buy it back from what I heard yesterday. So thus their prices had to be raised. This just disgusts me. This was started by larger dairy farms. Really are they really affected by small local farms that much? Not to mention Smith Brother's farm milk is delivered it is not sold in the grocery stores competing with the larger farms. All this talk of farming and eating fresh made me pull out my Encyclopedia of Country Living. My grandmother gave this to me a few years back. It is PACKED full of information on anything country living. I swear you could start a farm from scratch on all the information it gives you. Today I am going to read up on vegetables, and if the weather here ever decided that it really wants to be spring I will get it all started! After getting a good vegetable garden going my next venture is to talk paul into chickens. We have an old shed in our back yard that used to be a chicken coop and with just a little bit of work we could really have something good going back there.

I encourage you all to do some small part to save your local farms. This also goes beyond just local farming but human health. There are so many nasty things that big time farms put in their junk to make produce last from one place to the next. Have you ever tasted a fresh local tomato compared to one you would get in the super market? The difference is remarkable. I personally can't wait until my little strawberry garden gets going. Fresh organic local strawberries are sooooo good. Also, what is more local than your back yard! You don't even need a back yard to have some fresh produce. Plant a small herb garden or have a tomato plant in your kitchen or your back porch. My strawberries are actually in a container in my front yard. Houseplants! What about House VEGGIES! Lettuce plants all across the living room! Ok maybe that is a bit extreme but if we all do something it has to make some sort of difference even if it is in our own bodies. Here are some links. Read amongst yourselves!

Sustainable Table
Seasonal Cornucopia
Slow Food USA