Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Always Tie Your Shoes!

My husband is ALWAYS telling me to tie my shoes and now I am going to listen to him.

I triped out my back door yesterday on my way out to do some yardwork and I missed both of our back steps and landed on my right toe and rolled over my ankle before crashing to the ground. Smart huh? So after spending a whole day in the ER the verdict is that I chipped a piece of bone off near my ankle. However, the doctor said it is close enough to everything else that it should meld back on and if it doesn't it is small enough that it should not bother anything else. Can I just say OUCH! It freaking hurts.

This is also the same ankle that I severely sprained when I was 12 jumping on a trampoline with my cousin and then had surgery on when I was 16 to take a bone chip out of and now this. I think it now hates me.

Here is a picture of my tennis ball ankle.

So remember to always make sure your shoes are tied!


affectioknit said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope you win the contest too!

Get better soon!

pseudobunny said...

I miss out on a few days and see what happens?
at least it makes for the knitting time no?
(say it like my old german jewish grandmother - thats right! german! cause we weren't going to let no Hitler bring us down!!! hee hee seriously though say it like that. its funny.)
but i am sorry for your pain.