Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Country Living

Rachel turned me onto this blog, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.

This is interesting because just yesterday at a mother's group that I attend at my church one of my friends came to talk about local farming and keeping local farms alive and how to support local agriculture.

This has gotten me fired up to really have a great garden this year or in the very very least buy our produce from local organic growers. There is an outstanding local farmers market a few miles away in West Seattle. I guess it runs year round which is amazing! That way you get in season goods. And from what Kim says the vegetables are so fresh they were picked the morning of. Doesn't that sound so delicious?

Also have you heard of THIS! The article is old but the rule has passed so now Smith Brothers farm is now required to sell their milk and then buy it back from what I heard yesterday. So thus their prices had to be raised. This just disgusts me. This was started by larger dairy farms. Really are they really affected by small local farms that much? Not to mention Smith Brother's farm milk is delivered it is not sold in the grocery stores competing with the larger farms. All this talk of farming and eating fresh made me pull out my Encyclopedia of Country Living. My grandmother gave this to me a few years back. It is PACKED full of information on anything country living. I swear you could start a farm from scratch on all the information it gives you. Today I am going to read up on vegetables, and if the weather here ever decided that it really wants to be spring I will get it all started! After getting a good vegetable garden going my next venture is to talk paul into chickens. We have an old shed in our back yard that used to be a chicken coop and with just a little bit of work we could really have something good going back there.

I encourage you all to do some small part to save your local farms. This also goes beyond just local farming but human health. There are so many nasty things that big time farms put in their junk to make produce last from one place to the next. Have you ever tasted a fresh local tomato compared to one you would get in the super market? The difference is remarkable. I personally can't wait until my little strawberry garden gets going. Fresh organic local strawberries are sooooo good. Also, what is more local than your back yard! You don't even need a back yard to have some fresh produce. Plant a small herb garden or have a tomato plant in your kitchen or your back porch. My strawberries are actually in a container in my front yard. Houseplants! What about House VEGGIES! Lettuce plants all across the living room! Ok maybe that is a bit extreme but if we all do something it has to make some sort of difference even if it is in our own bodies. Here are some links. Read amongst yourselves!

Sustainable Table
Seasonal Cornucopia
Slow Food USA


pseudobunny said...

We may live in the big city but at least our farmers market is awsesome! I think almost all of the farms are within the 100 mile rule.
I love local so much I spend about $4 on a gallon of milk from Strauss. SOOOO yummy - glass bottle with the cream at the top. SO good in my coffee.
I think we are allowed to get sugar, salt, and coffee from outside the 100 mile things.
Glad you liked the Pioneer Woman. IF she knit I would make her run for president. Or something...

pseudobunny said...

I just got your email..Comments are so much more fun though.
Makes us seem all popular like or something (she had over 1000 comments the last I looked! WHOA!!!)
The link is not gross. Just to the Humane Society main page.