Friday, April 11, 2008

Nice Day!

Oh my gosh! What do my eyes see? Could this possibly be spring in Seattle now?

The kids and I had a great day. I didn't babysit today so we hung out in the morning then met Paul at work to have lunch (dogs in tow). After lunch we went to the Westcrest dog park in white center and hung out there for quite a while.

I was VERY nervous as to how Hermione was going to handle herself. Bob is a totally normal well adjusted social dog at parks but I had no clue how Hermione was going to act. In our yard she barks at Bob and herds him all around the back yard by nipping at his hind legs. She doesn't herd the humans anymore which is good but I was so nervous as to what kind of a pack dog she would be. When we got there I immediately let Bob go off and he is good but she stayed on the leash and was not happy. I sat down with her for a bit and she was upset and of course dogs come up to see what is wrong and she was trying to nip at them which was embarrassing for me. Thankfully there was a very nice dog owner standing nearby and I told her I was worried and why and she just said well let her go and just see what happens. And you know what? Hermione was great! All she wanted to do was just chase around her buddy Bob and hang out with the kids and make sure they were ok. Especially Riley for some reason she would run away and play then come right back to Riley. She even came to me when I called her. Bob on the other hand did not he is too obsessed with tennis balls and I can imagine "dee dee dee" is all that is going on in his mind.

So Jake peed his pants and was acting really cranky so we headed out and the dogs were bushed. We came home played in the back yard for a bit then went inside to watch the new Spongebob special and I took a nap. Now time for chili dog dinner!

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affectioknitter said...

Aren't dogs the best - hey we watched the Sponge Bob special too - it was great - I laughed a lot too...