Monday, May 12, 2008

Dissappointment, Major Knitting Trouble, Advice Needed!

UPDATE: Pictures now added!!

While on a day trip to Yakima (the Palm Springs of Washington) this weekend I had a lot of time to finish the yoke on Mariah. Well.... I finished with my yoke and I am in the least rather dissappointed. Maybe I am the only dummy that didn't understand the designers arm instructions. They turned out so freaking LONG!

Here is the deal. There is a chart and you work the arms first. The way I understood the instructions was to work to the end of the chart then put the arms aside. Then when you get to the yoke you then work the ribbing like on the bottom but the case is you should be continuing the chart and you shouldn't have gone to point whatever. You should be hitting that point at the very top of the shoulder into the yoke decreasing. So where the chart should be at the top of my shoulder is actually 5 inches lower than that with a reverse stockinette stitch for a few rows after the chart as is called! At first I thought I could just roll up the bottom of the sleeves but then the arm bunches (due to the reverse stockinette) at the "I should be at your shoulder point!"

I am so far into this project that I seriously get nautious when I look at it. All I have left to do is finish the hood. I feel like I should have caught this! I am much more advanced as a knitter for this mistake! How did I let this happen to me?!

Ok here is where I need knitterly advice and it might be better to understand once I post pictures later. So, what I am thinking of doing is this...

What if I just go along and finishing the knitting part of the sweater which is the rest of the hood. After that is done, since I already seamed up the sides and the arms, is going ahead and cutting out the arms inside the yoke decreases and fixing the live stitches and sewing back to the inside of the yoke. Then I have the oh too long sleeve that will be shaped somewhat like this

My next endeavor would be to take out the extra top of the shoulder ribbing which is about 5 inches! then knitting it to fit the arm area that is cut out.

Does this sound correct? Or should I cut it out finish the sweater off in the yoke like I said before and just frog the whole sleeve and start the sleeves over and just do them correctly and then just shape the top to fit the yoke? But really maybe that would be a waste of time because I already have most of the arm done and I could just finish it like I said above. Does that make sense. In the mean time I will be pulling my hair out and working on a new project!


affectioknit said...

Oh no - I'm so sorry for you!

Sachi said...

I'm no good to you with the advice here but don't let it get you down. I think we all just keep knitting even when our brains tell us there's something wrong.