Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Here's the deal

So I got a ride to my doctor appointment yesterday and here is what he said. He saw my x-rays and saw where my bone chipped off and it is right where ligaments attach to the ankle. He also said from my description of how I fell (or flew to the ground) that I really pulled and over stretched just about all the ligaments in my foot and that is why I am feeling pain up into my calf and chin.

So he is sending me off to a foot specialist who I am supposed to call/see next week. He also said he anticipates that I will be in this boot for at least 6 weeks and that I should at least be on crutches for another week. grrrrrrr!

Let me tell you how annoying this is. I mean sure it is nice to have people "fetch" things for you but as a mother and a stay at home mother at that it is very aggravating. I hate feeling dependant on other people especially my children for help. It is so bad that I was actually going to drive myself to the doctor yesterday and my cousin happened to call and say hi and I told her what happened and she insisted on driving me.

So there it is. Today this morning I have done a few houseworkerly chores. I tidied up the kitchen as much as I could and did a load of laundry but man that makes my foot hurt! I just need to put my pride aside and get better I guess.

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Carrie said...

Ugh, sounds awful! I hope things heal quicker than anticipated. I wonder if knitting furiously would help :)