Saturday, May 03, 2008

I got mine!

You need to go get yours! I stopped by Little Knits today to get my BFL yarn for Tempest. I have to say I have NEVER run out so fast to get yarn for a project. Granted it did fall in close timing with payday which helps but I just love this yarn! I have been coveting it for a while and now there is a cute cute cute project just for it! The colors I chose (Raspberry and Burgundy) do not contrast as much as the colors shown in the pattern but this was on purpose. I think that with my figure and the horizontal lines that less contrast will look better on me and actually they do contrast more than is shown in the picture. I can't wait to cast on. Although I really need to finish Mariah first and then I am knitting myself a shrug out of Creme. Which if you have not tried it you really really really should. It knits up so nicely and is gorgeous!

So as far as the foot goes it still freaking hurts! I really don't think it should hurt this much still. I woke up crying in pain today which really I have a higher pain tolerance than this and that worries me. I had to use the freaking electric cart at the grocery store! Let me tell you how much that sucks dog poo!

Ok off for now we are going to Claim Jumper for dinner with some friends.....yum! I have been craving ribs for weeks!

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