Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have splurged a little lately and purchased a few knitting related items. I placed an order with Julia's Yarn I bought 6 balls of her Vinca sock yarn at $3 not too bad of a deal and two skeins of the merino wool sock yarn for the same price.

A few books from Knit Picks came yesterday. I ordered New Pathways for Sock Knitters and Knitting on the Road. I have been wanting Knitting on the Road since it first came out and the New Pathways was more curiosity. I had heard some mixed reviews but I think I will enjoy this book. It is very innovative and there are a lot of patterns I see myself knitting.

Also!!!! Last night I ordered a skein winder (no not a swift this is different) and 6 kilos of 2 ply merino fingering weight (just over 13 pounds) for a yarn dying adventure! I have made a few Etsy sales this month so I am feeling inspired. Also, since I can never save my PayPal money I bought this last night. Like I need more but it looks pretty. Off for now there is an Indiana Jones marathon on the SciFi channel right now!


Carrie said...

Fun!! I love retail therapy :)

pseudobunny said...

Ah...We did get the new couch!! And new hair and new glasses.
I dont know how we got so lucky but I do know that I want my hair shorter. And the couch is awesome! YEA Ikea!!
But if the new wireless printer does not work soon I am goin to throttle someone. snafu during finals is NOT FUNNY