Sunday, June 29, 2008

Isn't 30 the new 20???

I hope so because I really didn't want to be 30. I don't feel 30 at all. Actually I still feel 25, whatever that means. Well folks today I turn 30 years old. Actually technically as I write I am still 29 I am not "officially" 30 until 1:44 pm *wink*. All in all it has been a pretty good birthday weekend. My husband didn't throw me a surprise party like I did for him, I can live with that, he is a man after all. However, on Friday night we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant where everyone knows us because we eat there WAY too much. Of course he told everyone it was my birthday and the cute hostess sent me a shot of La Cucaracha. Whatever that is. Also when we left I had this craving for tequila shots so he bought me an expensive bottle of Tequila. So after the kids went to bed we sat by the fire pit and played poker and had Tequila shots and Coronas. The nice thing about the expensive stuff is the hangover isn't that bad.

I did get some pampering yesterday. I went and got my very first pedicure. OH YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS. I also got a manicure. Hubby bought me the Sims Castaway 2 for my DS which I have been ADDICTED TO! And I used a 20 % off birthday discount coupon at my local LYS. I will post in a few days on my recent purchases I bought a bunch of stuff at Little Knits last week too. Tonight.....Maggianos....yum!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!! I know what you mean.. I still feel around 23 myself!

affectioknit said...

Happy Birthday!