Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And now 3

My baby boy is 3 today. For some reason his years have not flown by as fast as Riley's have. But still 3!!!!! In the past 6 months his speech has improved by leaps and bounds and because he is such a tall guy people always think he is older than he really is. Again, I am amazed. That my husband and I can make this! He is still my baby in so many ways. I do feel like I want to do this again once more but then I am happy in the fact that I got to give more attention to Jake in his second year than I got to give Riley because Jake was a newborn. However, now all of us have a great time together.

I mean look. Here is Jake within hours of his birth. We knew he was going to be tall then.

And now for the comparison
Here is Jake I believe the day we came home or the day after so he would have been almost a week old.

And here is Jake today on his third birthday.

Yes, he still sleeps like this.....

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affectioknit said...

How sweet - happy birthday Jake!