Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's All Out

Ok. Now that my summer oh birthday madness is over I can focus on the crafting. Oh the crafting. Here is a post of confessions. I have a problem people. I think a rather large problem. (Warning picture laden post). I start too many projects and do not finish them. Mind you I have every intention of finishing them it is just that something else calls my name and I can't say no!

First this is the container where I hold a great majority of my knit projects that aren't finished if this tells you anything at all.

Here we have Mariah. I was working very steadily on this project and in the beginning of June I was nearly finished with it and was knitting the hood when I realized that I had MAJORLY (understatement) misunderstood the arm directions and they were incredibly too long. So I had to rip back the whole yoke and about 5 inches on each arm. While doing this I also noticed that the back was 6 inches too wide. So that was taken out as well. Here is the progress thus far. All of my pieces are in the bag and what I have knitted of the new back.

This I should just plug away at and finish. I am making two Pea Pod baby sweaters for a friend's girls. One is finished other than buttons and shown is my progress on the second.

Here is a second attempt at a beautiful Creme shrug for myself. It is being taken out again because I just don't like the progress. If anyone has a good recommendation for a plus sized shrug that will take 1240 yards I would appreciate it!


A pair of socks for Riley made out of Cotton Fine. LOVE this yarn. It really doesn't split at all.

Oh my gosh! I started these Thuja socks AGES ago for my mom. She asks about them all the time. They have been shuffled around in the "container" and now look at that mess of yarn!

I started these not too long ago for myself. The yarn I am going to guess is some On Line colorway. I got this so long ago and I have no clue where the wrapper went. I am loving how they are coming along and wish I had made them sooner.

Again socks that were started AGES ago. I was going to take these apart because I didn't like how the colors were knitting up in stockinette stitch and I was going to do some sort of textured sock but now looking at them I think I like them and I will finish them?

Now this is just rediculous! Here are two sets of baby socks that I was knitting to donate to Swedish Hospital. Come on how long to baby socks really take anyway and why aren't these finished?

Since we are talking about Rediculous things.
A small granny square blanket that I was making just to practice crocheting and two washcloths and a baby hat that just need the ends woven in.

A Feather Fan scarf for myself. I am maybe 40% finished with this project. It would be nice to have for the fall.

This is a hoodie scarf that I had started for a friend probably a year ago! I will finish this one! Seriously.

A belt that I started over a year ago. Do I even wear belts? NO! But I love it. This is probably halfway finished.

Yes I am behind on the Clapotis craze but here is my progress. With amazing yarn I found on Etsy.

Matros Vest (ravelry link)

Quinn Bag started last summer. The last thing I need is another bag. This one will be something else I think. I have two skeins of this fabulous hand spun yarn by Sachi. I am thinking of something for myself. Maybe a small bolero or a cap sleeved shrug?

Lastly a strawberry hat I made. I used the Fiber Trends pumpkin hat pattern and changed it up a bit. I was going to put cute french knots throughout but didn't like how the inside looked when doing this. So I think now it will be buttons.

If you have gotten this far thank you and I am sorry. See I have a problem. I just can't start anything else until these projects are done or taken apart and just put away until later. I won't even go into the amount of yarn I have lying around. I think it is embarrassing and the last thing I need is more yarn!


Carrie said...

Wow, those are some fantastic projects! Shame abotu Mariah, I'd be so mad! Also, I have several shrugs bookmarked in my Ravelry queue, but dunno if you were looking for "baggy" shrug or fitted shrug.. I want a baggy, comfy one :) Umm what else.. love the pea pod jacket (really ticked that pattern isn't actually in the magazine and I missed the download!) but I know what you mean about two. I have twin nieces and I rarely make them anything because hello.. TWO?! Anyway! You'll get there. These are some beautiful projects! Either rip or finish, I always say :) But then I do a lot of ripping... life is too short!

affectioknit said...

Oh my - that's going to be a lot of FOs when you get them all done - I love the pink sweaters and the strawberry hat!

Anonymous said...

You have all that in that bag??? WOW!!! Get going girl!

Lovely stuff!

Oh! and what is the tease?

beth (big geek)

tammy said...

Your knitting is beautiful....wish I could learn how to do it....just haven't been able to find any classes near where I live and couldn't quite get it from reading a book. I'm envious!!