Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to dust the ol' girl off

I thought in the hopes of dimishing some of my fabric stash that I could make Riley some school clothes for KINDERGARTEN! this fall.

Riley chose the strawberry shortcake of course which I still have more than enough left after cutting out the dress. Then I chose the eyelet, and daisy fabric.

We'll see how it goes. I should finish them up today......hopefully.

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pseudobunny said...

Too cute. Sorry I have been laggin in bloggah land. I am all twittery and that just wipes me out.
That dress is cute.
You and your hubby are cute - And congrats on six years!
Yes. You have a may-jah knitting problem. But then again - would you be a knitter if you didnt?
HAHAHAHHA. SO so wrong. I know. But I have a few stashed projects my self. I am not allowed to buy more yarn till I finish or sell it. Word from the finace officer so I got to follow his word..