Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Before the Hiatus

I am working on a HUGE freelance project so I will be MIA for a while. Here is some entertainment for you

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Luna Moth Shawl ... again

Ok I had Paul take some pictures of me. I HATE pictures of myself so you should all feel special that you are seeing these!

Luna Moth Shawl

I finished my Luna Moth Shawl. I still need to take "official" pictures of me with the shawl or someone more photogenic perhaps? RIley is always a good choice!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Weird Child

Here is a conversation Paul had with Riley today

Riley: Daddy I like it when the leaves fall off the trees.

Paul: I don't I think its a pain in the butt!

Riley: (who recently was playing in the sprinkler) I like it when the water goes up my butt.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember Shrinky Dinks?

I was perusing Etsy and saw some stitch markers that reminded me of shrinky dinks. Remember those? I loved those as a kid. So I went looking online. You can buy plain sheets for not too much money and then stamp or color with markers your own design.

I started looking for tutorials....

I really like these ideas for pins here and here

Here is one on making stitch markers from your photos.

More ideas for designs.

I hear you can get these at any craft store. I think I need to head to Michael's. I have SO MANY projects going on right now. I have two yarn reviews I am working on. One more baby sweater commission project I need to finish, I bought a ton of fabric to make Riley some school clothes for kindergarten which I have about two weeks to finish. Also I really need to think about bazaar season and get more jewelry done and knitting.

Speaking of..... I have been posting more jewelry to my shop. Here is a peek

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Gym

We belong to a local athletic club. It is nice and we pay a lot more than the large chain gyms but we get our money's worth. It is super clean with nice equipment, pool, dry and wet spa, pickle ball, free classes for members, childcare, etc. and my favorite I don't feel like it is a meat market and people are just going there to meet someone. I can be fat and work out and not worry about it. Most of the people there I would say are over 40.

That being said every once in a while you run into someone who just thinks they are better than everyone else. Does this make sense? I am just assuming it is because of the higher rates that this gym attracts a different type of people and because I MET one last night.

So Paul and I work out together then we go to the pool area. In the pool area are about a dozen wooden adirondack chairs around a corner of the pool. So we do the wet sauna, sit, hot tub, wet sauna sit etc. Well with getting up and down I don't expect to have the same seat when I come back especially during the busy time after/before dinner.

We are almost done and I come out of the DRY spa. Where paul and I were sitting together is no longer available and he is sitting next to a chair with a towel and then someone next to that towel. I had seen the woman who put the towel in the chair and she was in her water aerobics class. So I picked up her towel and in the process her washcloth dropped but the woman next to me caught it before it hit the ground. I looked at the woman in the pool and politely said is this yours and she just sort of ....sneered at me? And so I paused and said "Do you mind if I move it" gesturing to the seat two down. Then she snarkily says "Well you already got it wet!" WTF???????

First of all lady I didn't get your stupid gym provided towel service towel wet and second if you were referring to the wash cloth it isn't wet either and the point of a washcloth is to get wet. And for the record I just got out of the dry sauna and thus DRY! And all of my person that touched your towel was my hand so it isn't like my fat sweaty body got pressed all over your, oh excuse me the gym's towel.

So I looked at her like she was crazy and just said "OK....thanks!" and set her towel on the next seat and looked at her and said "And I didn't get your towel wet" and smiled and sat down. Oh have I also mentioned that there are hooks all along the wall to hang towels.

Am I wrong to think that if you are in a water aerobics class that it isn't necessarily polite to "save" you seat for over a half hour with a towel when it is busy? And hello snarky! Well this woman kept just sneering at me as she did her walking laps in the pool so I did lower myself and I called her a bitch to her face. I know bad bad bad. As I was leaving I heard someone say "thank you!!!!" very rudely behind my back sounding like that woman but I didn't waste my time to turn around seeming as she did say it behind my back.

I hope I don't see her again. Things like this really sit with me. I am still upset over it today I am just that type of person. Sharing it with whomever helps. I think I am mostly mad at myself for calling her a bitch to her face. I should have been above that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Baby Sweater

This sweater is for little baby Cameron. Paul's good friend at work just had her first grand baby and commissioned a sweater and baby mitts. The request was a 3-6 month sweater with baseball or football buttons. I figured since it will be well into football season when he is 3-6 months old that footballs would be the better choice. Now back to knitting my luna moth shawl and other projects I am trying to finish for the Ravelympics Wip Wrestling!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Will Be Missed

I was just checking my email and saw a news clip that Bernie Mac has died! What a sad day for comedy. We were definitely big fans over here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knitting and Navy

First, before I go over the weekend fun that we had I have to share my tease. I got some Ranco Sock Yarn from Little Knits. LOVE IT! Seriously I do. However, I am loving it for lace.

This is my progress on the Luna Moth Shawl. I am liking the pattern. It is very easy and looks more complicated than it actually is. In addition the Teal colorway with the tone on tone doesn't pool and looks very nice. This project is knitting up very fast as well.

Ok, now for the weekend fun. Over the weekend Seattle celebrated Seafair. There are Hydroplane races and an air show with the Blue Angels and other planes. One of the very cool events are the Navy ships that come into town and the free tours that go along with the visit. We headed out on Sunday, which by the way was a beautiful day, to tour the boats. When we were done the air show happened to finish up across town and the Blue Angels buzzed the pier where ships were. That was pretty darn neat! Click the pictures for a larger view.

Here we are. This is the boat that we toured. The USS Germantown. Can I just say how I think it is so cute how military boys are "Yes Sir." "Yes Ma'am". I kept chuckling every time my husband was called sir by someone close to his own age.

The USS Germantown transports Marines. So this view is below the deck. They say when they go out to sea on missions this whole area, which was huge by the way, is full of tanks and supplies.

Here are the kids inside a large hovercraft that takes some tanks to the shore. The kids and adults basically got to climb all over this thing and get in the cockpit as well. Our kids and my husband got a kick out of it.

And this is the beautiful view from the very top of the ship. Yeah we climbed up 5 very steep flights of steps and I was sweating when we got to the top! This is where I live people. Jealous? It is so beautiful. The weather this week is supposed to be hot hot hot and I think spending time down by the water might be a GREAT idear.

Friday, August 01, 2008


I am having a sale on my Etsy Shop!

All of my prices on yarn are 20% less than what I had listed before. Also!!! For every skein of yarn that you buy you will get one FREE set of stitch markers!

Oh the yarn I posted the other day isn't mine but I have a cool project coming! With great yarn! For a great price!

I also finished a project (no not from the pile a new one!). It is a February Baby Sweater. However, instead of knitting the lace pattern I just worked the sweater in stockinette stitch. I really like it actually. The recipients do not know if they are having a boy or a girl so I thought it could suit either. This sweater went super fast!

Also if you thought this sweater would look good for an older child...it does. Especially if that child is SUPER SKINNY! Yes this sweater fits Riley and I think makes a cute shrug/short sweater.

Here is the newest baby sweater. A woman Paul works with just had her first grandbaby and boy is he a cutie! So of course she needed to commission a sweater. I am knitting the button band on in the end. I thought I would pick up stitches along the length of the sweater instead of knitting them separately.