Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Gym

We belong to a local athletic club. It is nice and we pay a lot more than the large chain gyms but we get our money's worth. It is super clean with nice equipment, pool, dry and wet spa, pickle ball, free classes for members, childcare, etc. and my favorite I don't feel like it is a meat market and people are just going there to meet someone. I can be fat and work out and not worry about it. Most of the people there I would say are over 40.

That being said every once in a while you run into someone who just thinks they are better than everyone else. Does this make sense? I am just assuming it is because of the higher rates that this gym attracts a different type of people and because I MET one last night.

So Paul and I work out together then we go to the pool area. In the pool area are about a dozen wooden adirondack chairs around a corner of the pool. So we do the wet sauna, sit, hot tub, wet sauna sit etc. Well with getting up and down I don't expect to have the same seat when I come back especially during the busy time after/before dinner.

We are almost done and I come out of the DRY spa. Where paul and I were sitting together is no longer available and he is sitting next to a chair with a towel and then someone next to that towel. I had seen the woman who put the towel in the chair and she was in her water aerobics class. So I picked up her towel and in the process her washcloth dropped but the woman next to me caught it before it hit the ground. I looked at the woman in the pool and politely said is this yours and she just sort of ....sneered at me? And so I paused and said "Do you mind if I move it" gesturing to the seat two down. Then she snarkily says "Well you already got it wet!" WTF???????

First of all lady I didn't get your stupid gym provided towel service towel wet and second if you were referring to the wash cloth it isn't wet either and the point of a washcloth is to get wet. And for the record I just got out of the dry sauna and thus DRY! And all of my person that touched your towel was my hand so it isn't like my fat sweaty body got pressed all over your, oh excuse me the gym's towel.

So I looked at her like she was crazy and just said "OK....thanks!" and set her towel on the next seat and looked at her and said "And I didn't get your towel wet" and smiled and sat down. Oh have I also mentioned that there are hooks all along the wall to hang towels.

Am I wrong to think that if you are in a water aerobics class that it isn't necessarily polite to "save" you seat for over a half hour with a towel when it is busy? And hello snarky! Well this woman kept just sneering at me as she did her walking laps in the pool so I did lower myself and I called her a bitch to her face. I know bad bad bad. As I was leaving I heard someone say "thank you!!!!" very rudely behind my back sounding like that woman but I didn't waste my time to turn around seeming as she did say it behind my back.

I hope I don't see her again. Things like this really sit with me. I am still upset over it today I am just that type of person. Sharing it with whomever helps. I think I am mostly mad at myself for calling her a bitch to her face. I should have been above that.

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