Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Knitting and Navy

First, before I go over the weekend fun that we had I have to share my tease. I got some Ranco Sock Yarn from Little Knits. LOVE IT! Seriously I do. However, I am loving it for lace.

This is my progress on the Luna Moth Shawl. I am liking the pattern. It is very easy and looks more complicated than it actually is. In addition the Teal colorway with the tone on tone doesn't pool and looks very nice. This project is knitting up very fast as well.

Ok, now for the weekend fun. Over the weekend Seattle celebrated Seafair. There are Hydroplane races and an air show with the Blue Angels and other planes. One of the very cool events are the Navy ships that come into town and the free tours that go along with the visit. We headed out on Sunday, which by the way was a beautiful day, to tour the boats. When we were done the air show happened to finish up across town and the Blue Angels buzzed the pier where ships were. That was pretty darn neat! Click the pictures for a larger view.

Here we are. This is the boat that we toured. The USS Germantown. Can I just say how I think it is so cute how military boys are "Yes Sir." "Yes Ma'am". I kept chuckling every time my husband was called sir by someone close to his own age.

The USS Germantown transports Marines. So this view is below the deck. They say when they go out to sea on missions this whole area, which was huge by the way, is full of tanks and supplies.

Here are the kids inside a large hovercraft that takes some tanks to the shore. The kids and adults basically got to climb all over this thing and get in the cockpit as well. Our kids and my husband got a kick out of it.

And this is the beautiful view from the very top of the ship. Yeah we climbed up 5 very steep flights of steps and I was sweating when we got to the top! This is where I live people. Jealous? It is so beautiful. The weather this week is supposed to be hot hot hot and I think spending time down by the water might be a GREAT idear.

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pseudobunny said...

The Festival of Sails came through SF a few weeks ago and I was equally blown away but the Coast Guard Tall Ship. Those sailors were like 18!! I couldn't even get away with thinking dirty thoughts! And the yes ma'ams were killing me and my friend. There was also the Bounty ( as in Mutiny on the Bounty) and you can go on a cross PAcific sail that takes a MONTH for only $4000. And they feed you more if you help work on the boat. Awesomenesss!
Makes me want to learn how to sail and move the caribbean. Although - it might be hard to have a yarn farm if Im at sea all the time...Hmm..Going to have to work on that plan...