Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember Shrinky Dinks?

I was perusing Etsy and saw some stitch markers that reminded me of shrinky dinks. Remember those? I loved those as a kid. So I went looking online. You can buy plain sheets for not too much money and then stamp or color with markers your own design.

I started looking for tutorials....

I really like these ideas for pins here and here

Here is one on making stitch markers from your photos.

More ideas for designs.

I hear you can get these at any craft store. I think I need to head to Michael's. I have SO MANY projects going on right now. I have two yarn reviews I am working on. One more baby sweater commission project I need to finish, I bought a ton of fabric to make Riley some school clothes for kindergarten which I have about two weeks to finish. Also I really need to think about bazaar season and get more jewelry done and knitting.

Speaking of..... I have been posting more jewelry to my shop. Here is a peek

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