Saturday, August 09, 2008

Will Be Missed

I was just checking my email and saw a news clip that Bernie Mac has died! What a sad day for comedy. We were definitely big fans over here.

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pseudobunny said...

Dude. And Isaac Hayes today. Effed UP!!!!!
But seriously - Sad.
I love Ree. I wish she and the ladies from MAson-Dixon Knitting would get into Obamas cabinet somehow. How sad about Nell? I cried along with her & I still think someone took her. Although I know those herding dogs & I think she would try and get home NO MATTER WHAT TO TAKE CARE OF THE HERD..
Frakkin awesome that you & your friend love her. My sister anad I have cook offs with her recipes. I think the man sandwich is still my fav. Hmm..Maybe I will make some tonight! YUMO!