Monday, September 29, 2008

Mission: Carpet Removal

FINALLY!!!!! Phase 1 complete.

I have been wanting to do this since we moved in over 4 years ago. These carpets are so disgusting and dingy and nasty. You can spill water on the carpet and it will stain because the pad underneath is so dirty and disgusting.
Example 1: See the dark stain in the lower right corner of the picture....yeah that was water. Clean pure water.

Our fireplace bricks were also pretty beat so I painted those. I know some people hate paint on bricks but it was cheaper, faster, and easier than restoring or whatever I would have had to do to make the bricks look like nice bricks again.

Here are the painted bricks. I have a bit of touch up in the right corner to do.

Here's Paul vacuuming up some extra crap after we painted and pulled the carpet up in the dining room.

Here is the wood floor. It needs sanding and finishing. I am so excited though. I am excited that this gem was in our house and we are saving so much money on what will be great floors. So far we just did the dining area yesterday. Today I am going to start on part of the living room.


Carrie said...

BEAUTIFUL! Man I am jealous -- I know there's no such gem in our house. Love the bricks too. there's not much a lick of paint can't fix :)

pseudobunny said...

OH man. you are going to LOVE this!!!!
I want to pull up the carpet in the whole flat but we need to rent a floor sander like the one you have in the photo...
And yes it is AMAZING that water can stain so phenomenally HUH!!!!????