Monday, October 20, 2008

Can't Post Improving my House!

I cannot find my camera cord in the dissarray that my house is in right now. Over the weekend we sanded the wood floors and I started the staining process. This is definitely going in stages due to our lives and the fact that we can't just leave the house for a weekend yet. It looks like next weekend we will be staying in our camper to finish staining the floors. Then we need to add clear coat. Pictures soon I promise! I just need to find that darn cord!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Gem is Now Tarnished

So there was more carpet ripping this weekend and we found this.....

There is paint splatter ALL OVER the living room area. I have no clue why. We have run into a few things with our house where we are really baffled as to why people did certain things. I guess a previous owner figured they were putting carpet in and they would just not put a drop cloth down when they painted.....but come on! How sloppy is this?

Sooooo..... we weren't going to rent the industrial sander which is about $150 a day because we have one that would have worked perfectly if all the floor was like the dining room. It will work in this room but take a ton of sandpaper and a TON of time. So we figure that renting the large sander is the better option at this point.

My job for this week is to paint the computer nook and then we pull up the rest of the carpet then next week....sanding.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pumpkins in a Row

I am hosting bunco next week and thought it would be cute for all of the women to take home a cute fall themed gift for the month of October. I found this pattern for mini felted pumpkins and could not turn back! The knit up very very quickly. I have used some Cascade 220 that was left over in my stash from some other project.

I think the girls will like them. Now I just need to come up with some food ideas. Usually the host has snacks out and then a dessert. hmmmmmm.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

I Love Fall

This has to be my favorite time of year. I love when the leaves change, the occasional fog in the morning, the slight chill in the air on a sunny day. Fall here in Seattle for me gears me up for all of the holidays to come. Don't get me wrong I also love when Spring warms up and changes to a hot Summer. There is nothing like fall though. Of course in Seattle we do have more rainy fall days than most other cities, however, I use this as an opportunity to stay cozy inside and cook yummy comfort food and work on projects!

Paul had requested another hat for the winter. I picked up some Malabrigo Worsted at Little Knits last Saturday and knit him up a Seahawks colored hat. I used Azul Profondo and the Apple Green. Paul loves photo shoots!

Baby hats are also a quick and satisfying project for a rainy day.

I finished this hat the day before yesterday. I stopped in my local LYS and they had a cute hat knit up like this on display but using another similar style yarn. This is King Cole Splash DK. Very cute.

This hat I started and worked on and almost finished last week while at Children's Hospital getting some tests done on Riley's kidneys. She aced by the way! Her surgery in January was a complete success. Her left kidney is functioning so well and has lost just about all of the extra fluid it was retaining from the uriter blockage. The result...we won't need another check up for a year and then it will only be an ultrasound!

Just another hat. Knit during my rainy days.