Monday, October 20, 2008

Can't Post Improving my House!

I cannot find my camera cord in the dissarray that my house is in right now. Over the weekend we sanded the wood floors and I started the staining process. This is definitely going in stages due to our lives and the fact that we can't just leave the house for a weekend yet. It looks like next weekend we will be staying in our camper to finish staining the floors. Then we need to add clear coat. Pictures soon I promise! I just need to find that darn cord!


fleegle said...

What a mess--so sorry!

Thanks for your compliments on my hat! It's a wonderful little knit :)

pseudobunny said...

omg. i am so on the edge of my seat for tuesday night.
i am also working at the bar that night.
it is going to be nuts. the catering business at the local supermarket is going crazy for tuesday night.
he will make this country proud and the rest of the world will again realize how amazing all things USA can be!!!
can ya tell im excited!!??