Monday, October 13, 2008

The Gem is Now Tarnished

So there was more carpet ripping this weekend and we found this.....

There is paint splatter ALL OVER the living room area. I have no clue why. We have run into a few things with our house where we are really baffled as to why people did certain things. I guess a previous owner figured they were putting carpet in and they would just not put a drop cloth down when they painted.....but come on! How sloppy is this?

Sooooo..... we weren't going to rent the industrial sander which is about $150 a day because we have one that would have worked perfectly if all the floor was like the dining room. It will work in this room but take a ton of sandpaper and a TON of time. So we figure that renting the large sander is the better option at this point.

My job for this week is to paint the computer nook and then we pull up the rest of the carpet then next week....sanding.


affectioknit said...

Oh that's too bad - we ran into a similar problem with our carpet removal - the hardwood had never been sealed and it was stained in a couple of places.

pseudobunny said...

The industrial sander is the way to go. Make sure you seal off the room andd get a mask. That shit gets everywhere. Ooops. That stuff.
HEe hee.
I want to take the carpet up in the living room and the hallway but clinton doesnt. MAkes the house so much nicer eh?!
Those pumpkins are damn cute.