Thursday, November 06, 2008

Coming Clean

I have been on a weight loss journey for a very long time. Last fall I lost 10 pounds before the holidays and kept it off and I was so proud of myself. Since then I have lost a pound here and there. It had been way too long since I had been to our amazing gym which we pay a pretty penny (in our area) for so I went last night. I have been feeling overly fat lately. So last night I decided to weigh myself after my workout because if I did it before and I didn't like what the scale said I would just be depressed and it would affect my workout.

The workout was ok for just getting back after a while. I mostly worked on my lower body. Then I did 20 good minutes of cardio on the bike. Let me tell you bringing some sort of knitting for this helps because it kept me on the bike the whole 20 minutes. So after my workout my husband and I always meet in the sauna. On my way I weighed myself and I found that I had lost some weight.

I feel like I need to be accountable for my weight, not only to my husband who loves me no matter how big or thin I am. I don't have any girlfriends here where I live to work out with. I have friends...just none to hook up with to exercise and none of them belong to my gym.

So inspired by another blogger I read. I am going to be accountable here.

Readers last night my weight was 264 pounds. Yes that is a lot. Too much. I have not been heavy my whole life. I used to be very thin and very active and very athletic. I used to be a size 9. Now that I am older my body is telling me I need to loose this weight. My knees ache, my hips ache and my back and neck ache from my weight. When I am disciplined and I do work out regularly I drop weight very fast and my muscle tissue bounces back. It is just the getting there that is hard.

Paul says "Honey you had 2 kids. Don't worry about it." I love that man. He really does not care at all. I am so lucky. My youngest is 3! I should have lost this weight and then some by now. I wasn't a size 9 when I had my children I was heavier. I was going to college in an intensive program with only time for school, eating, studying, and school projects. Actually Paul has never seen me at a size 9 which is nice. I was a plus size when we met and got married. Just not this much of a plus size.

So there I weigh 264 pounds. I want to weigh 180 pounds. I think that is a reasonable weight for someone who has had two children and lives my lifestyle. If I ever lost more than that then I will be elated.

This is what I am going to do. Once a week I am going to post my weight. I am going to be accountable to more people. My first goal is to just loose 10 percent of my body weight and so on and so on. So my first goal from today is to loose basically 26 and a half pounds. I don't care how long it takes to do that I am not going to pressure myself with that. However, I am not going to be gaining weight any more. That time in my live is over.

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Good Luck Sarah!!!