Friday, November 21, 2008

Go Cougs!

For all of you Washingtonians you probably know that this weekend is Apple Cup. Obviously we are Wazzu fans over here. The following are a few thoughts for the weekend.

How do you get a UW alumni off of your porch? ...... Pay them for the pizza!

What is the difference between a Husky dog and a Husky fan? ...... You swerve to miss the husky dog

What is the difference between a UW Husky and a cockroach? "Cockroaches make that cool popping sound when you stomp on them".

What do they call a good looking girl on the UW campus?..... A Visitor

What is the best selling toilet paper at UW? .... The brand that has the instructions printed on every sheet

How do you keep a husky football player out of your yard? ..... Put up goal posts

What is the difference between the huskies and cheerios? ..... Cheerios belong in a bowl

Why do you see so many cars with UW plates on the side of the road just outside Pullman? Because the Huskies always stall in the red zone.

Seriously though we have two of the worst teams in history playing in the apple cup. The huskies and cougs are the two worst teams in the Pac-10. But hey the cougs have at least won a game and this is bragging rights for who sucks worst. GO COUGS!

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