Saturday, December 13, 2008

When the Power Goes Out

For some reason a good chunk of Burien lost power yesterday. We were out from about 1:30pm to after 7pm or so. During the day the kids and I were ok playing with toys and I took out the Nintendo DS (a rare occasion for them).

After a while children get bored of course and I remember "Hey I have a lap top! It can play movies!"

And my sweet girl says "Mom I want to knit" awwwww too bad it only lasts a row. Oh well each row is progress.

Oh and breaking news Winter Blast 2008!!!! Gotta love the Northwest. There is about an inch on the ground and the news is all over it! The snow plow has already been down the street which barely had snow on it. Oh well at least we are prepared and it is pretty.

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