Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Destash Sale Right Here

Ok here goes. I am just going to add to this post as I take pictures so check back later if you don't see anything you like right now.
Non-smoking home with dogs. Email me at soccerchic21@yahoo.com if you are interested or comment. NOTE: Paypal address is different. Do not send Paypal payments to the previous email. Email me and I will give it to you.

Prices Include Shipping

Opal Sock yarn 425m Color 1610 Lot 7

South West Trading Company Bamboo, 100% Bamboo Yarn, Hand Wash, color parrot, 250 yds 5sts/inch #6

NuMei Chenille Colors, Color Placid Blue Acrylic 112yds each, 4sts/inch #8, handwash warm, shape, lay flat to dry. I have 3 cakes of this.

NuMei Chenille Colors, Color Olive Acrylic 112yds each, 4sts/inch #8, handwash warm, shape, lay flat to dry. I have 4 cakes of this.

2lb Cone from stephen spinning co lot S-500 It also says 2/17 Orlon. The fire test confirms that this is synthetic. Lace weight 2ply

Orange Roving Wool 56s Top 6 oz

1.25 lb What appears to be a wool nylon blend lace weight bumpy yarn, From Danville Yarn

Heilo 100% Pure New Norwegian Wool 100 meters handwash dry flat color 3172 lot 0971
$8 for both

Heilo 100% Pure New Norwegian Wool 100 meters handwash dry flat color 3918 lot 0594
$8 for both

MAJOR Destash

Ok, This is very hard for me to do but I am litereally going to get rid of no kidding half of my yarn stash. I really just have too much. There is stuff that has just been sitting here wasting space and I don't know when I am going to have time to get to it and hey with the money I can just put it on a bill right? So I am taking pictures and hopefully will be posting a rather long post of destash. :(

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prayers, Thoughts, Whatever you do

Local musician Rick Novito is fighting for his life right now on life support and in a coma. Please pray for him. He is a close friend of my family. If Rick leaves us it will be a very sad day for the Seattle music community.

Please pass this on and post it on your blog, share it with as many people as you can.

Edited to add:

Rick has now opened his eyes. He is still on full life support but he upgraded enough that they could perform dialasis on him. He is responding to people by winking and at times a tear will roll down his face when you are talking to him. So there is progress!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ribbed Socks

Love these socks. The past three pairs I have done for myself have been toe up and I just love how they fit. They are perfect. I can't imagine going top down anymore. Crazy I know but toe up just fits so well on my feet.

Trekking XXL Colorway #107 4/1 rib knit on size 2 needles to fit my feet.

Call out for knit items

Ok, so because we just love the pediatric nurses at Swedish I am going to be knitting baby hats and socks to bring up and donate. They really take anything for kids (toys, girly stuff, lip gloss, nail polish, hair stuff, stuffed animals). If you sew or quilt they love having pillowcases and kid sized quilts. They try to put a pillowcase, quilt and stuffed animal at every bed before a child shows up in their room. So hey knitters! Start knitting for kids at swedish! If you want to get in touch with me comment or email soccerchic21@yahoo.com and I can collect and run them to the hospital when we go (since riley's tests are not over). Or you can just drop off your donations at Swedish Hospital in Seattle on the 6th floor pediatric unit.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well we had to go get admitted again Sunday evening. Riley managed somehow to pull the drain out from her abdomen and it healed up rather quickly and so she was draining into her body. We had a stint put into her uriter yesterday and that has controlled our drainage problem. We are home now thankfully again with a foley cathiter that will come out later this week then we go in again in 6 weeks to take the stint out. I am so happy to be home and I just want to do NOTHING! Of course I have work to do which I don't want to do! But life must go on.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Finally Home!

YES!!!! We are finally home today from Riley's surgery. 6 days in the hospital is wayyyyyyy toooooo looooonnnnggg. Riley had some complications with her recovery that required us to stay 3 more days. But she is doing well now, playing in her room and not resting! We did come home with a drainage tube in her abdomen and we need to measure that amound in contrast to the amount that she is urinating. Hopefully if all goes well the amount that is coming out the tube will go down and we won't need to go back in next week for another procedure to stop the leaking from the surgical site in her uriter (what kept us in the hospital longer).